Monday, May 3, 2010

Current Status of the Project

This post will try to summarize what is currently implemented in aToy GBA GPS.

  1. GUBIA: The UI engine for basic menus and simple display of the data. This was actually implemented way before the project was created, although it has been improved over the time as the project evolved.
  2. Serial input to application datapath: Implemented a couple of queues to handle the communication between the serial input ISR and the application. The ISR gets a message from the "empty queue", fills it up and sends it to the application through the "full queue". The application gets a message from the ISR from the "full queue", processes it and puts the message back to the empty queue.
  3. NMEA lib integration: I integrated the NMEA lib into the project. The script "getNmeaLib" downloads the library from sourceforge and copies it in a way that can be usable for the project.
  4. Basic Track logging: After some investigation with the libfat library, and learning that it requires the program compiled in multiboot format (or some modifications in the library), I decided not to use libfat and store my tracks in the "save" files. The downside of this is that I am limited in size (64KB), which makes it necessary to store the logs in binary format, but the good thing is that I do not need to care much about the possible corruption if powering off the console while writing to file. This method of logging the track was implemented although it still needs some improvement and a tool to convert the data to a "readable" format.
That is all for now. More to come soon...

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